Getting to Know the Active Philanthropist Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, a co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, is a pro-Israel activist and an active philanthropist. Through his foundation, Adam is able to offer philanthropic and charitable services to a broad range of organizations with the aim of strengthening the State of Israel and the Jewish people, including the Israel-US relationship. This foundation was started in 2000.

Adam Milstein is a son of Hillel Milshtein (real estate developer) and Eva Milshtein (homemaker). He was born in Haifa in Israel. Adam joined Israeli’s Defense Forces and served during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

After the mandatory service in the Army, he enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelors of Science degree in business and economics. During this time, Milstein had joined his father in growing their real estate business.

Milstein got married in 1974 to Gila Elgrably in Haifa. Both of them moved to the US in 1981 with their two daughters. Their third child was born later in the United States. Adam didn’t stop studying even after going to the US. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

He received his Master of Business Administration degree in 1983 from the Southern California University in Los Angeles. He began working as a sales agent in commercial real estate after graduating.

Some of the philanthropic services he offers through the foundation include partnership development, consulting and conducting fundraisings for supporting various programs of Jewish education. Adam uses these three unique principles in everything he does:

Active Philanthropy: Adam Milstein, his foundation and its staff invest quality time and their expertise (not just financial resources) in each organization, project, or program they support.

Life Path Impact: Adam finds, funds, and develops the organizations that engage their target audiences continuously through the different stages of life. Programs designed for childhood, adolescence, and various adulthood phases are created. They help in maintain a continuous and deep connection with the targeted group of people.

Philanthropic Synergy: Adam offers funds and guidance to help charitable organizations so that they can amplify their impact through creating synergies and programmatic partnerships with non-profit entities that work towards the shared goals.

Fabletics And Their Fabulous Fitness Wear

In 2013, Co-CEO”S Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg partnered with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics after they saw something was missing in the world of activewear. They were a lot of high dollar brands that were also luxurious, but there was not any activewear that looked great and was affordable. Between the years of 2014-2015, they started shipping their products to seven countries, started selling men’s athletic wear, and opened brick and mortar stores. The countries that they ship to are Spain, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Fabletics has clothes for all kinds of active living.


No matter what kind of active living you are doing, Fabletics has the right type of activewear for you. If you are competing in an ironman (or woman) competition, working out in a studio, or chasing after children or doing any other form of activity, Fabletics fitness wear has something fabulous for you. They have trendy clothing that is affordable and also very attractive. Their clothing is very encouraging and inspirational, so no matter what you must do, you can do with comfort and style when you wear Fabletics clothing. Their mantra “Live your passion” is not just a motto it is a lifestyle. As an actress, mother, fashionista, and co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson is an inspiration to a lot of women.


Kate Hudson is an iconic actress, fashion trendsetter, and a mother. Along with all these wonderful roles she has in life, she loves to inspire and motivate women to live healthy and active lives. That is the main reason she chose to a be co-founder for Fabletics. Every month, she shares her favorite clothing so you know that the articles of clothing she shares are approved of by Kate. There are some methods of operation that Fabletics operates their traditional brick and mortar stores that make them stand out from other retail clothing stores. One of these methods of operation is called “reverse showrooming.”


Fabletics is very different from their competitors in many ways. One way is that their competitors are losing a lot of business from “showrooming.” Showrooming is when customers look for items in a traditional store, but then buy them at a lower price online. Due to their one-of-a-kind origin, Fabletics has been able to reverse this trend. They turned a negative into a positive. This business practice helps build relationships with their customers through activities and events.


Since Fabletics loves to reach out to their customers, they have very loyal customers who love being a member of a marvelous company that loves to reach out to them personally. The result of the love of their customers is customer loyalty. Thirty to fifty percent of people that enter their stores are already members and another twenty-five percent become members when they visit one of their brick and mortar stores. If they an outfit on in a store, they will purchase it online if they do not buy it there. Fabletics wants their customers to shop where they feel comfortable whether it be online or in one of their stores. It is all about the customers.


Loyalty to their customers, fashionable and comfortable clothing that is affordable, and a devotion to customer service are the main things that Fabletics cares about. Their customers know this and that is what brings them back to them every time they are in need of new athletic wear.

National Tile Clearing has Streamlined the Acquisition of Property Reports by Unveiling an Updated Website

The United States boasts one of the dynamic and lucrative real estate markets in the globe. However, the market has suffered greatly from the issue of title defects, which many individuals believe lead to wrongful foreclosures. Other investors feel title defects slow down the transition of assets, particularly in the secondary market. Nationwide Tile Clearing has demonstrated its commitment to solving the issue of tax defects by allowing clients to obtain property reports through online ordering. These reports are available on a website that the company launched in mid-2016.


Causes of title defects


A title can become invalid when a person or group claims a property, which belongs to someone else. Words in the document that do not adhere to the region’s real estate requirements can also cause title defects. Failure to take into account the signature of a person that is necessary to the success of the transaction and existence of former liens can make a title invalid. Also, the title defects can arise due to improper recording or filing procedures.


What makes NTC a leading provider of property reports?


Nationwide Tile Clearing specializes in offering an easy, fast, and orderly procedure of obtaining property reports. The firm relies on details obtained from thorough analysis of land records to prepare unique property reports. It avails reports for any property across the nation. It collects data from various sources before compiling the report.


An Overview on National Tile Clearing


Nationwide Tile Clearing (NTC) is a fast-growing privately held firm located in Palm Harbor. It carries out research, auditing tasks, and document processing for top investors, service providers, and lenders. Since its launch in 1991, NTC has earned a reputation as one of the trusted providers of assignments and lien release. Currently, the firm has a highly trained workforce comprised of more than 450 local professionals. These professionals can track and meet the county document needs in over 3,600 recording jurisdictions throughout the U.S.


Charitable initiatives


NTC participates in community initiatives within the Tampa Bay region. The firm is actively involved in expanding the regional businesses as well as the economy. Since 2010, NTC’s team has generated more than $60,000 to support the Palm Harbor-based American Cancer Society Relay. The firm supports Feeding Tampa Bay, a foundation that leads the Tampa Bay community in the fight against poverty and hunger. Since its establishment, the charity has offered food to over 700,000 hungry individuals in the West Central Florida.

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What to do when finding an event planner

The event planner you work with greatly determines how successful the event will be. This is why one needs to screen numerous planners carefully, and come out with the best. Here are steps you could follow to source the best among the numerous event planners in NYC.

  1. Carefully put together your goals concerning the event. What is it you want to achieve? The points you gather here will guide through the whole planning process.
  2. Understand why you need assistance planning the event. Establish the roles you want the planner to play.
  3. Depending on the event you are planning to host, the budget will vary. It is at this point that you should estimate how much you really need.
  4. Take time to research and source the best planners around you. Use all the research tools you have, including word of mouth. Make sure that, each of the planners you source has a high level of expertise in the type of event you want to host. This can be done by consulting the visitor’s bureau, or the local convention. Departments of sales in hotel conventions can also help.
  5. Get the best three and interview them. Try to meet them during the interviews. Give them the event details during the interviews. You should also ask them about the event they have planned before, and refer to them.
  6. At this point, it is possible to narrow down to the best event planner. Give them all the details and listen to what they have to offer.
  7. Do not leave everything to your event planner. Work closely with them, and monitor their activities closely.



About Twenty Three Layers

One of the most outstanding firm among the event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. Their services are unparalleled. The firm combines a skilled management with a resilient and hardworking team of event planners. This, together with their creativity, are what may be attributed to the success of all the events they plan. The company has gone ahead to form partnerships with other leading event planning firms in the across the world.

It’s Not Only About The Great Parties When You Become A Magnises Member

It’s hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t have fun in a penthouse that overlooks the beautiful New York City while they’re having a drink and talking to new people or friends that they’ve known for a while. Magnises has these kinds of parties, not just for the Fourth Of July celebrations, but also, for their get-togethers that are exclusively for members. It’s not only parties like this that are held by Magnises, but parties that are in a bar, restaurant, or other places that are frequented by Magnises numbers. Along with being able to go into events that are only for Magnises members, the members get a whole lot more.

A lot of the members are young age, such as ages 21 through 35, and many of them like to have access to great restaurants and bars, which is something Magnises can help with. Those who want to get into restaurants that are exclusive and require a reservation can simply go to their Magnises Concierge, which is a great application that was created by Magnises to help members. Open the application to see what different events are going on around you, and you can even see upcoming events as well.

If you’re not interested in going to any events, then maybe you’ll want to go to a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, so search the application to find what you’re looking for. Once you find the restaurant you’re interested in, you can make reservations through the application. What many people love about the application is the fact that it’s able to address its user by name, and it acts very much like a true life concierge that’s at your beck and call. Using the Magnises Concierge is absolutely free of charge, and you’ll love all of the suggestions that it gives. Source:

Whenever there is an exclusive party for Magnises members, you’ll also be able to learn about it through your Magnises Concierge. Be aware that if you choose to go to an exclusive event for Magnises members, you’ll only be able to bring a friend who is also a Magnises member. If you have friends or family members who are interested in becoming a member On, you can tell him more about it, especially the benefits. With the fee for the membership only costing $250 per year, many are eager to purchase a membership after they learn about the great benefits.

Along with being a member, anyone can choose any of the passes that are now available as of 2016. The lifestyle perks are passes, such as the SportsPass, the HotelPass, the WorkPass, and the ClubPass. With these different passes, getting awesome seats at a sporting event is easy. Guaranteed entrance on into the club, discounted hotel rooms, and co-working spaces and more are all available with these passes. The passes do cost a separate monthly fee in addition to the fee for membership, but many feel it’s worth it because of the benefits that the passes give.

Spotlight on Cone Marshall and New Zealand’s Tax Transparency

In 2012, there was an article (New Zealand – A Mode of Tax Transparency) published in various social media platforms. Geoffrey Cone, a lawyer, wrote another article to respond to the claims that New Zealand was classified as a tax heaven. He substantiated his response by showing clearly how the claims in the article were wrong. Cone proved that New Zealand could not qualify as a tax haven given that it was among the first states to see out full implementation of OECD Model Agreement on Information Exchange. New Zealand is actually on OECD’s white list and levies tax, which is inconsistent with the norms of a tax haven that does not or applies minimal taxes.

Increased Foreign Trusts in New Zealand

In the recent past, NZ has experienced an increase in the number of foreign trusts. Cone attributed the increase to NZ’s international recognition of being stable, safe, having a judiciary that is well regarded and being a jurisdiction governed by fine laws and a professional and legal infrastructure.

The country is also heralded as a safe haven and this attracts investors in droves to invest in various assets in the country. Cone adheres strictly to the highest standards of trust and tax transparency principles. He ensures that all his clients are accorded the best for of advice on all matters touching on international tax and trust law.

On Karen Marshall and Cone Marshall Law Firm

According to ICLG, Karen and Cone Marshall are the two principals in their law firm, Cone Marshall. Karen Marshall came into Cone Marshall in 2005, after working in a London-based law firm for over 10 years in the department in charge of Commercial Litigation.

Karen made principal of the firm in 2006 and is a mentor of various statutory trustee corporations. Karen is well versed in the area of trusts management. Geoffrey Cone on the other hand is an expert in International trust and tax planning, trust and trustee management services since 1980.

Cone Marshall

Speaking to Crunchbase, Cone Marshall refers to a leading New Zealand law firm that operates in conjunction with international families and advisers by establishing trusts, partnerships, companies in New Zealand and advance advice on wealth and tax planning.

The firm serves private banks, attorneys, trustees, family advisers and several institutions based in New Zealand. The firm offers all legal services regarding succession, administrative services, tax, structuring and trust advice in New Zealand. The firm was established back in 1999 and operates from Parnell House, Auckland.

Making Better Shopping Decisions With Gooee IoT Lighting

Gooee IoT is the future of retail marketing and it’s all coming from a bright idea: IoT lights from Gooee and light sockets. With everything being automated and interconnected by the internet, light sockets are becoming a new way to easily connect consumers with the products in the store. Lights in a retail space are located on the ceilings all throughout the store and in freezers in the food section. Smart sockets are WiFi and Bluetooth enabled meaning that smart sockets can act not only as light sources but as hubs of information.

Devices that are already connected to the internet like smart watches and smart phones can easily communicate with these hubs and share information. Coupons, rebates, and real time deals can be communicated with WiFi and bluetooth enabled devices like these that consumers carry with them when shopping. As they move throughout the store they will have the ability to use apps to connect them to products that are right in front of them to find the best deals or coupons that encourage them to buy something new they may not have considered picking up before.

These LED smart hubs are the future for real time marketing that combines the best of internet marketing with brick and mortar stores in real time. The efficacy of such hubs will be proven when they become implemented but it is already known that this will be a highly attractive way to shop for both consumers, marketers and retailers alike.

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How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings

Living in Color, Doe Deere’s Passion

Lets face it, bright, vivid, bold colors can be hard to find these days. That is where Doe Deere’s passion came to life. She made her dream into a reality in 2008 when she launched her company Lime Crime. The company name originated in 2004 when she created a new eBay account. From that point on it was nothing but forward from there.


Doe Deere started out small and soon her business blossomed. Deere took off with creating colorful lipsticks, eyeshadows, and nail polishes so wild in colorful that it is guaranteed to stand out. She is an avid supporter of small business owners and women entrepreneurs. Deere reaches out and encourages anyone that is searching for advice on how to start or where to begin when launching a small business. Deere tells all aspiring female business owners, “Trust your gut.” Sometimes information alone isn’t enough to go on, so she goes with her gut instinct.


Doe Deere creates all her fashionable ideas when the inspiration strikes. It can sometimes take days, weeks, or months for that gut instinct will come into play, but when it does, she acts on it. Before any of her new ideas go to production, she insist on trying it out on herself. This way she can be sure that her customers are getting nothing but the best. All her make up is pet friendly. Deere has a soft spot for a No Kill shelter in New York and donates money there to show her support.


Deere’s typical day starts with meetings with her creative director, vice president, and President of her company. This helps her and the staff stay on the same page when it comes to the company, Lime Crime. After the meetings subside, she is either in the lab creating new products with the chemist or she is working on directing visuals. Deere stays on the go and answers most of her emails from her phone. Rarely does she get to sit down in her office.


Doe Deere carried her idea for her company around for years. She wished she would have started on it quicker and launched her customer service department sooner than she did. As of today, Deere has an amazing customer service department that ensures all her customers are satisfied with there purchasing needs.

OSI Food and Beverage Company

OSI group is a food and beverage company in the US. It began as a meat company, and its core values were Customer Driven. The Company began operations in 1909 and has been a world leader offering food solution to its customers. It is among the best 100 food companies in the hospitality industry.

The company has a listing of among the best 100 companies by Forbes. It’s global having an extensive presence in various countries where customers enjoy its local and international products. OSI offers excellent and premium quality food products. The company partners around the world understand what their customer taste and preference entail and they go a long way to offer exactly that. OSI products are customer friendly and cost effective with the products a consumer is sure of saving money. Among the products in the company are bacon, sausage, pizza, processed chicken, cooked beef, pork, hot dogs, sandwich, and dough products among others. Whether a customer is looking for something to eat at any time be it breakfast or dinner the company products are well crafted for exactly what you are hungry for.

In a bid to increase its presence in Europe OSI bought a Dutch-owned food company known as Baho foods. Baho major concentration was on serving convenience foods on retail segments serving delicacies such as deli meats and snacks. The amount at which the Baho food company was acquired has remained undisclosed, but the OSI President David G Mc Donald is full of zeal that it’s a grand strategy of serving the Europe market segment which for a long time had been left out. Through 18 subsidiary companies that Baho owned in the vast European continent, OSI will have a wider market to serve increasing its income. The managers who worked for Basho and the staff have been retained, and they are excited about joining the OSI Company. The OSI group will also now be able to offer top-notch products and services to its now broad base of customers since the human resource from Baho is bringing in their expertise.


The OSI group is customer based, and it works to satisfy consumer needs at all times. The products can be customized at any time to meet the consumer needs. The company sources the best raw materials to have the best final product that will always ensure customer satisfaction. The company products are widely spread from ready to cook to fully prepared. OSI also has invested heavily in the best equipment under the sun to ensure highest standards of the product that it serves to consumers globally. Whenever a consumer has a product in mind that is not in the company portfolio, he/she can never be frustrated because the company will put its resources and time to work with the consumer to develop the product to consumer satisfaction.

OSI cooking technologies are always upgraded to match what is latest in the industry. The company uses methods such as marinating, hot oil frying, spiral steaming, browning, injection smoking among others. OSI products are well packaged ensuring they reach the consumer in very hygienic standards, and they are packed with single retail packs to bulk packs to ensure all quantities different consumers require offered The company supply chain is efficient all over the world to ensure product reaches consumer in the best time and state.


Securus Technologies, Dedicated To Keeping The Society Safe

Securus Technologies has published customer comments on how technology use has helped their facilities solve and prevent crimes. The comments include emails and formal letters that the company has received from jail and prisons officials from across the country. The primary duty of the officials is to ensure that the facilities are safe. Securus Technologies continues to work hard to fulfill their mission of ensuring safety in their products and services. The firm’s CEO, Richard Smith, stated that the company develops new products and services regularly to help correction officers and law enforcement. He certified that the thousands of emails and letters they get are to commend the company on how the products and services assist in keeping the society safe.


One of the comments is from a facility that used information from phone calls to obtain a search warrant for a staff member who had introduced contraband. The second comment is from a facility that monitored calls to get information about drug sales, transfer of suspicious money and inmates using drugs. Another agency commends Securus’ developments that have enabled them to investigate and improve security. Reporting data has allowed an agency to monitor and deter incidences of contrabands. The LBS software has allowed the sheriff’s department to recover millions in drugs, cash and illegal assets.


Securus Technologies is a company that serves public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies and inmates throughout the US. It is an industry leader in criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The firm has over 20 years experience in providing cutting edge solutions. Securus provides emergency response, products in public information, biometric analysis, monitoring products and services, incident management, data management and inmate self-services. The company has received accreditation and also an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. It also has an excellent customer service which has been enhanced by a domestic call center that responds to more than 2.5M calls per month.